Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ignoring abuse who protects the child

Before I was even aware that what I was experiencing was wrong other people had started to notice. I had sibling from my mothers first marriage that I kept in contact with. When I was ten they came to visit me and spent about 1 week there. For one of my sisters and my brother this was the last time I have sen them. My other sister would still come to visit. One day I asked why the others would not come to visit. She told me it was because they did not like how I was being treated. After their visit from me they had tried begging there dad to see if he could help me. But unfortunately there was nothing that he legally could do as he was only related to me through my brothers and sisters sharing the same mum as me. So he had no legal say in my welfare or upbringing. So due to there frustration in not being able to help they stayed away. As a child that had very little in the way of support it broke my heart. They had the option that I did not have they were able to ignore the abuse.

I also had my father who would drive past our street everyday to and from work but still never stopped in or my aunt that would never phone after 4pm because they all knew that she would be drinking. So if they did not want to deal with her drunk and it was not good enough for them why was it OK for an innocent child to have to deal with. It was sad because the ones that wanted to help couldn't and the ones that could didn't

In the last years of living the hell of abuse I started thinking well find if no one wants to help I sure as hell was going to let everyone know what hell I was going through. I would start screaming when I cried and I would run into the garage when she was chasing me as I knew that was the one room that you could hear everything from. We lived in a housing complex were around my nans house there were no less than 5 houses within 10 feet. So how does a person sleep at night hearing the heart breaking crying of a child that everyone has walked away from.

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