Monday, May 11, 2009

Being to scared to say anything

Most night I had to try and avoid my nan from getting angry. This sometime was an extremely difficult thing to do because even a simple this as answering a question could have caused a flare up. I can recall one of the worst thing I could do was correct her. One night we had just finished dinner and she asked me to put the margarine in the bin. Now knowing that it was almost full I asked her if she meant the fridge. That was the worst thing I could have done as it then enraged her and for the next following hours I was told I was stupid and that no-one ever loved me. Also for the rest of the night no matter what I did it was not right. So slowly over the years I learnt to watch everything i said to avoid making her angry. Some days it worked others she would start on the smallest thing. For allot of my adolescence I was a very quite child and even out side of the home I kept to myself allot as I was so scared that everyone thought I was stupid when I opened my mouth.

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